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Tsurigane Benkei
Benkei Holding Up Bell
Naginata Benkei
Benkei with Fauchard
A famous strong warrior Benkei was once notorious for his violent acts before he met Yoshitsune who became his master.
The image describes Benkei swinging the heavy bell which he took away from Miidera temple.
This image is said to show the Benkei's last.
According to the legend, he never fell down and protected his master Yositsune even after he died.

Yama-nori Benkei
Benkei on Mt. Hiei
Tsurigane Benkei
Holding Up Bell
The motif is same as "Tsurigane Benkei".
The difference is that Benkei is on the mountain which is consists of letters "Hiei", the name of its.
Another version of "Tsurigane Benkei"
This design is created recently by Shozan 4th.

Ushiwakamaru is the young name of Yositsune who was the master of Benkei.
The two were foes when they met, and the image is described Yoshitsune at that time.

Raiko is the warrior who conquered "oni" of Oeyama, a mountain located near Kyoto.
When "oni" was cut his head from the body, he bit the Raiko's helm at his last effort.

The warrior from the Genji family in the 12th century.
He is known for his strong arms and his big bow.

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