It is not clear when and who first produced Otsu-e, the picture of Otsu.
Probably the origins of it was the religious paintings, mainly Buddhist art, prduced by nameless craftsmen in the later 16th century, and thus the most of the early Otsu-e were Buddhist paintings until the middle of 17th century.

To know how Otsu-e survive since then, go to "History of Otsu-e"
About the present Otsu-e painter, go to "Profile of Shozan Takahashi"

Sorry, but "About "Oni" popular goblins in Otsu-e" is not constructed yet.

A summary of the history of "Otsu-e"

About Shozan 4th and 5th.

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This will be the explanation of "oni", the one of the main motifs of Otsu-e.

Fuji Musume

"Otsu-e Japan Folk Crafts Museum Collection"
"Otsu-e" Japan Folk Crafts Museum Collection
Shinzo Ogyu / Teiko Utsumi
Toho Shuppan Inc. (2005)
ISBN-10: 4885919258

The book above is probably the most useful introduction of old Otsu-e written in both Japanese and English.
I think there might be more books about Otsu-e in English, but I don't know any other than that.

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Oni of Otsu-e