Shozan Takahashi 4th was born Bumpei Takahashi in 1932.
Shozan Takahashi 5th was born Shinsuke Takahashi in 1970 (does not succeed 'Shozan' officially yet)

1960 Otsu-e Amateur Painters' Club established (present 'Shofu-kai')

1962 Succeeded 'Shozan' (4th)

1970 Demonstration at Expo '70 in Japan

1974 Demonstration of Otsu-e in the presence of the emperor and empress at Biwako Hotel

1978 Otsu-e Cultural Association established

    Registerd for Encouragement of Traditional Crafts of Shiga pref.

1979 Presentation: "Otsu-e and Folk Art of Japan" at Geneva University of Art and Design, Switzerland

1982 Awarded Blue Lake Prize of Shiga pref.

1998 Commended as Municipal Contributor of Otsu City

1999 Presentation of Otsue at Pacific Asia Museum, CA, the United States

2000 Iidentified as Iintangible Cultural Heritage by Otsu City (Shozan 4th)

    Awarded Otsu Cultural Prize

2003 Awarded Culture Service Prize of Shiga pref.


History of Otsu-e
Shozan Takahashi
"Oni" of Otsue