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Fumi Yomu Onna
Woman Reading Letter
Fuji Musume
Wisteria Maiden
The woman is reading the letter, which is in broken letters and illegible even for Japanese.
The Maiden with the wisteria branch in her right hand.

Kasa Sasu Onna
Woman With Umbrella
Onna Komusou
Female Flute Player
The woman playing the Japanese Flute, hiding her face in the wattle hat.

Haru Koma
Haru-koma Dancing Maiden
Tayu litterally means the prostitute of the highest class.
The girl is dancing 'Haru Koma', the classical dance to celebrate a new year.

Shiro-muku Bijin
Maiden in White
Hana Uri Musume
Flower Selling Maiden
The beautiful maiden dressed in white kimono.
The young girl is selling flowers.

Nuri-kasa Bijin
Maiden with Black Hat
The maiden with a black hat and a long staff in her left hand.

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