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Oni no Kannenbutsu
Praying Oni
Oni no Kannenbutu
Praying Oni (cursive)
A goblin wear the robe of a Buddhist priest, reciting the Nenbutsu, a chant for salvation.
This figure is the most famous "oni" in Otsu-e pictures and is said to express a sanctimonious hypocrite.
Roughly drawn "Praying Oni" with a haiku of Basho.

Raiko no Taiko tsuri
Thunder God and Drum
Oni Jamisen
Oni playing The shamisen

The Thunder God is trying hard to retrieve his lost drum with an anchor.
The image shows that even Gods can make a mistake.

Oni is playing the shamisen with a sake bottle and a cup in front.

Fuku wa Soto
Out with Good
Oni to Hiiragi
Oni and Holly
In one of the Japanese annual festival 'setsubun', people throw beans to repel the evil.
In this image, however, oni is trying to scare away the God Daikoku in reverse.

Oni does not fear the mouse but desparately try to escape from the holly leaf and the head of a sardine.
The legend goes that these are the weak points of oni.

Kaminari to Yakko
Thunder God and Yakko
Oni no Gyozui
Oni Bathing
Yakko, a low class samurai is shuddering at the stern thunder.
The Thunder god is taking a bath with his pants hanging on a rain cloud.

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